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Vendor Terms of Use

The following terms are a legally binding contract between a Vendor and ArtofSantaFe.com – Santa Fe Sages Market, LLC  (referred to in the Terms of Use as “AoSF”). This contract is meant to clearly state the rules, regulations & fees of our online marketplace to create a harmonious relationship between a Vendor and AoSF. Whether selling, shopping or browsing our marketplace, you agree to our Terms of Use.

The Vendor agrees that the products and service that they sell are of their own creation.  No resell is allowed. AoSF reserves the right to close a store if reselling is happening without consent from AoSF. Non-profit organizations can sell donated handmade items.  It is not allowed to buy product and resell it on our site.

Privacy Policy Agreement: AoSF is aware that privacy is important in our current information age. We hereby acknowledge that none of your personal information will be made public, shared with outside solicitors, or any agency requesting your information.

In order to promote your product the Vendor agrees that by posting their content to AoSF online they give AoSF permission to use it and modify it to promote AoSF and to promote you and your items.

Financial Transactions:

  1.  All Vendors of AoSF shall be labeled as ‘Independent Contractors’ and therefore it is your responsibility to claim your revenue from AoSF to Federal Government (IRS) and to pay applicable local and state taxes and fees. Taxes are collected at point of sale and given to the individual vendor.
  2. The Vendor agrees to close all transactions that originated through the AoSF online marketplace through our secure checkout.  We appreciate your participation in the marketplace. The fee for selling any product/service through AoSF is 10%. AoSF holds the right to close your store if a vendor does not honor this agreement.
  3. The Vendor agrees to pay the Credit Card transaction fee and any applicable tax.
  4. Payment for items & services sold will be transferred electronically into your account through STRIPE. The Vendor agrees to link a STRIPE account to their store. The finder’s fee and credit card transaction fee is extracted at point of sale and the remaining balance is deposited directly into the the Vendor’s STRIPE account.
  5. FEATURED and/or AUCTIONED ITEMS will be offered regularly.
    Featured Items are quantity items or one high end item that you can only purchase through AoSF and are produced by one of our Vendors. These items will have a 35% fee. The featured item will include promotion of the vendor and their store.  All other vendor store items will be assessed the normal 10% fee.  We will not feature an item without your permission and communication about your needs.
    Auction Items are only for non-profit fundraising.  Non-profit organizations must be AoSF vendors.
  • Vendors can list any of their products as an auction and name the non-profit they choose to support.  The vendor sets the amount of the donation.  Vendors agree to message/call the non-profit to ensure communication.  The non-profit vendor agrees to assist with the promotion of donated items.  Vendors understand that we provide a platform for this service and that we are not responsible for selling items. However, we will use our resourses to promote auctions.  Vendors are paid their percentage of the sale, all shipping costs and all applicable taxes at point of sale.  As a service, AoSF will push the donated cash to the non-profit.  Non-profit organizations agree to provide the vendor with a cash reciept for their cash donation.
  • Non-Profit vendors may sell/auction donated hand-made products in their AoSF store.  Regular sales have a 10% fee and Auctions have a 20% fee at point of sale.  Non-profit organizations are responsible for all taxes and shipping expenses for their own listings.  All proceeds will be distributed at point of sale along with collected shipping and applicable sales tax.
  • The currency to list items & services will always be in US dollars.

Vendor Responsibilities :

  1.  It is the responsibility of each individual Vendor to maintain their own store. AoSF does not take responsibility for updating stores when items have sold or services that have been booked. Additionally, you are responsible for all content at your store. If AoSF feels the content is inappropriate, we will contact you via email. AoSF reserves the right to close a store for inappropriate use.
  2. Vendors agree to maintaining their store with quality photographs and to updating their store as needed. AoSF will communicate with a vendor if quality is substandard and AoSF reserves the right to deactivate an account until it meets site general standards.
  3.  Return Policy: It is the responsibility of each individual Vendor to handle any returns/exchanges with shoppers. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to communicate the item/service has been received and customer satisfaction. AoSF will provide a feedback/rating portion to every store.
  4.  All vendors providing a service agree that they are have the appropriate training and are in good standing with applicable state / federal regulatory commissions. If a state license is required, the seller will make their license number visible in their store
  5.  It is the Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that products requiring testing are tested accordingly, adhere to all local, state, & federal regulations.  that AoSF is not responsible for the Vendor’s actions or legal responsibilities.
  6.  The Vendor agrees that the products and service that they sell are legal. AoSF  is not responsible for the individual content or activity of any individual Vendor. If a Vendor is sharing an account, the person who is providing the billing information is responsible for all activity.
  7.  If registering a business entity, the individual registering is responsible for all activity on the account and acknowledges that they have the authority to agree to the Terms or Agreement.
  8.  Accounts are not transferable.
  9.  Vendors agree to represent their products honestly and to conduct themselves professionally in all interactions when using our services, our forum boards, blog posts and interacting with customers.  Please no offensive, disturbing or vulgar content on AoSF. Be mindful that anyone can browse our market. Bullying or discrimination of any form will not be tolerated.
  10. AoSF reserves the right to close any store if the Vendor/Store is negligent in their legal responsibilities, if they sell inappropriate content, or if they engage in any illegal activity.

     We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you.

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