Dream Catcher


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A powerful and artistic dream catcher.



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I love what I do and I do what I love!

That is what makes my work so special, every object is envisioned and manifest in a unique moment with specific intention to raise the vibration of its surroundings. Creative energy is transformed into physical space using the most appropriate medium to fit the space.

I love seeing what is possible with different combinations of mediums, I have worked extensively with ceramics and steel as well as  wood, glass and various textiles, incorporating various materials such as stones, driftwoods , and found objects.

I very much enjoy transforming and uplifting existing spaces/environments. Landscape, architecture and design is one of my favorite ways to express myself. We are affected by our environment and I feel very passionate about adjusting the feng shui and flow of the spaces we inhabit.

I truly believe that anything is possible. I create art with the purpose of uplifting, harmonizing, and transforming space. As a healer and an artist, my hope is to create art that speaks to a viewer in a way that engages a somatic and multi-dimensional experience. One of the ways my art plays out is in the idea of transforming inner and outer landscape into art. The intention is to facilitate change for the better.

The landscape of the body can also be transformed, uplifted, and reorganized through touch. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I bring all my artistic and creative skill, along with therapeutic massage technique, to assist the transformation of each individual.

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Shipping from : United States (US)

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