• When we moved to the woods, I already knew I was a tree-hugger but had no idea the magnitude of my connection with the beings we call trees. Now that they surround me, I stare at the auras emanating from them and […]

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  • This simple, yet elegant, vessel began it’s life as a tall, many-sided liquor bottle.
    My friend, Shelley, gifted me with the paper that I decoupaged on this vessel.
    I added some of the earth’s bounty which I […]

  • This Vessel began it’s life as a liquor bottle of some sort. It feels regal and very grounded at the same time.
    It is covered in gorgeous blueish-purple handmade paper and adorned with cypress and mesquite s […]

  • his unique Sacred Vessel began its life as some liquor container and it is a totally unusual piece!

    I patiently deconstructed pinecones to line the neck of this vessel and dressed its lower half with an abundance […]

  • This vessel began its life as my friend’s mother’s cotton ball jar, which she used for decades. When she was done with it, I was elated to give it it’s new life.

    It is adorned with the most beautiful gre […]

  • This Sacred Vessel began it’s life as a spirit bottle, probably tequila. The very heavy glass is adorned with both green and green-marbled handmade paper. Pieces of tattered rice paper hold a small piece of w […]

  • This vessel began its life as a heavy, super-thick glass tequila bottle.

    It is adorned with purplish-blue handmade paper. Eucalyptus pods and some unidentified pods which I gathered with friends in California […]

  • This Water Vessel is a unique piece! It began it’s life as a tequila bottle which I patiently adorned with bark and moss galore! Added a bit of lichen and a few mushrooms…yes, it mimics a tree. Even my g […]

  • This Sacred Vessel began as a heavy recycled glass tequila bottle which I covered with reddish handmade paper, then rice paper, then adorned with feng shui coins and feathers. It’s elegance is in it’s simplicity. […]

  • This Earth Vessel, which began as a glass organic jam jar, is a one-of-a-kind piece.
    I gathered ponderosa pine bark from a dead tree and covered the jar with it. Added some moss, a few found feathers, […]

  • I love recycled glass bottles and this Water Vessel began it’s life as a humble tequila bottle.

    For hours I took apart pinecones and aligned their ‘needles’ on this bottle…resulting in a very unusual piece! […]

  • This is the first Vessel I ever made and it is gorgeous! It began with a thrift store find of a beautifully-shaped glass vessel,
    I covered it with basic brown paper, then orange and gold handmade paper, then rice […]

  • This vessel is one of my personal favorites. I have been a gatherer most of my life! One of my passions is gathering unique pieces of the earth and then adorning recycled glass bottles that can be used for […]

  • Bright yellow Golden Stamina Tea is a unique alchemy of turmeric, cordyceps and black pepper. Turmeric is unsurpassed for its anti-inflammatory properties and black pepper aids the absorption of turmeric’s […]

  • A simple handmade paper handle is adorned with a spiral shell. This sturdy piece has a balanced feel to it.

    Turkey feathers grace both the top and the base of the wand. The Turkey is an animal associated with […]

  • A sturdy handmade paper handle grounds this masculine-feeling smudge wand. Gathered mesquite tree pods, a smooth stone and yucca pods adorn this powerful piece. A handmade bundle of sage is gifted to you upon […]

  • Smudging with this turkey feather fan feels so good! The elegant handle is fashioned from a stalk of a century (or agave) plant I found while camping in New Mexico. Citrine quartz crystals adorn the delicate buds […]

  • A clear quartz crystal magnifies the energy of the turkey feathers in this ceremonial smudge fan. The knotted branch handle is adorned with mesquite pods, leaves, pinecones and moss with a bit of handmade paper […]

  • Dried cholla-cactus (no prickers) is centered on this sturdy handmade paper-handled smudging wand. Mesquite pods and pieces of ponderosa pinecone adorn this simple, yet powerful piece. A bundle of handmade sage […]

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